"Being wine hobbyists, we have the pleasure of sampling many wines. Quintessa has always been our favorite wine and we keep going back to it for all our meaningful events. The Quintessa original by Brien Cole encompasses the same uniqueness and bold tastes of the wine itself. Truly a wonderful work of art that we get to view each and every day!"   

Barry and Holly


"I first saw Brein’s work in a gallery in Old Ellicott City.  It was one of his larger pieces, simple and elegant, two glasses of wine and a bottle on a table with a white cloth. It evoked perfectly the last lingering moments of dinner with a friend, when the food has been cleared away and there is just wine, contentment, and conversation.   I’m not talented enough to describe the details and colors that made it so beautiful, but I stared at it for quite a while. 

A few months later I was picking up a commission piece from Brien.  The painting was beautiful, it was of my dear friend’s favorite wine, a gift for her birthday after 25 years of friendship.  Now in her dining room, it is present at every New Year’s brunch, Easter Dinner, and slow Sunday coffee.  I can’t describe why his paintings are beautiful, but with two glasses and a single bottle he captures hospitality, intimacy and conviviality."



"Brien Cole's "America Nebbiolo" painting is absolutely exquisite and alive! It shows a perfect balance of rich color and balance with the most intricate details. It's almost looks like you're seeing it in 3-D."