Commissioning a painting is a special way to remember a special moment and can make for an unforgettable gift. Brien is capable of creating anything on canvas, and is happy to work with you on something that is uniquely yours!

Commission paintings are valued at the standard price of a painting plus an additional fee of 15%.

Process for Creating a Commissioned Painting

I.  An initial meeting, either by phone or in person; during the meeting, a discussion of the specifics of the painting will be discussed.

II.  Based upon the initial meeting either photographs/or a rough sketch are created for the design and emailed to you. It is at this point you can make any desired changes.

III.  Once the painting details such as basic composition, size of the canvas, styling of the commission and completion date are approved, a mutually agreed upon price will be determined and the contract signed by both parties.  At this point, a non-refundable 50% deposit of the agreed upon price is due.

IV.  Upon completion of the painting, I will email you an image for your painting for your
review and the remaining balance (50%) plus any shipping/handling if required, will be due.

V.  Upon receipt of the final payment, the painting is shipped to you.

Commissions for an original painting